Dr. S.P. (Peter) van ’t Riet is an independent Bible researcher, author of several books, articles and brochures on Jewish-Christian subjects especially the Jewish understanding of the New Testament.

Peter van 't Riet (born 1948) studied mathematics and psychology at the Free University in Amsterdam. He wrote his dissertation on a subject in the field of educational psychology. Until his retirement in June 2013 he was a director and professor at Windesheim University in Zwolle in the Netherlands.

Next to his professional job he has published many books, articles and brochures on the Jewish character of the Bible, especially of the New Testament, and on the Jewish origin of Christianity. He frequently gives presentations on these subjects to groups of Christians and Jews.

Since 2012 four of his books were translated into English by Dick Broeren Sr. They are for sale on the website of Amazon.com:

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